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How can StudioLiveTV® help you grow your business?

StudioLiveTV® offers you an exciting new frontier to expand your membership and overall business revenues, offering your services unconstrained by available space or schedules. Your members⁄clients will never miss a class! They can "replay" favorite sessions they may have missed, or record private lessons for intensive instruction.

  • Reinforce your brand
  • Generate additional business revenue
  • Low Cost
  • Increase your reach
  • Allow your members⁄client to connect with you anywhere, anytime

StudioLiveTV® can bring your unique message to a global community through a secure cobranded website – a "virtual studio" with your look and your feel. Over time a valuable "library" can accumulate, offering members a treasured source of favorites and the ability to track their instruction history. Getting started is easy!

If you are a studio owner, StudioLiveTV® can stream your classes live (or On Demand) by outfitting your studio with state–of–the–art equipment, and creating a web portal for current and future students to find you, and never miss a class. Users can have new content to view daily for a fresh experience with each visit, or they can watch their favorite class.

If you are a fitness teacher, StudioLiveTV® can create an online presence for you by hosting your content. We even have a program where we can come to you and film you, and we can help you market your brand.

If you have a workshop, conference or a special event, StudioLiveTV® can record it for live streaming and/or on-demand viewing, opening up a whole new audience and expanding your reach.

Partnering with StudioLiveTV® ensures that existing members and clients have constant access to your classes – an effective way to increase member retention. At the same time, with the increased exposure, StudioLiveTV® will give you an additional revenue stream.

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